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About Beyer Solutions

Beyer Solutions was founded in 2005 by Mike Beyer. As a farmer himself, he knew how important it was to put the farmers' interests first by focusing on both the economic and agronomic aspects. Beyer Solutions was created because of the lack of competition and honesty in the industry. Mike also wanted to educate the farmers rather than make them dependent on an agronomist. 

In the beginning, Beyer Solutions only offered application. Mike ran the company from the seat of his sprayer while juggling phone calls, field scouting, and bookkeeping. Melinda, Mike's wife, then took over the bookkeeping. As farmers' needs grew, the company also grew to meet their needs. With the help of Mike's brother, Vern, Beyer Solutions was able to add a sprayer to the operation. This enabled us to serve more customers in a timely manner while maintaining our focus on quality application.  

Seeing the need for a company who's primary interest is the farmers, Beyer Solutions knew they needed to plan for the future. The Spraying operations were then passed down to the next generation, Thad. Thad grew up on a farm, and learned firsthand from Mike how to run a company. We treat every field like it is our own, whether it is the field we are spraying or the ones around it. Beyer Solutions is still focused on quality application, but also on working hard to get the farmers competitive prices. Honesty will always remain our goal, in pricing, sharing our knowledge, and standing behind everything we do. 



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